Mission Statement

JF Arms Company's mission is to provide the Decatur, Indiana and surrounding area with High End Modern Sporting Rifles and Handguns along with the fundamentals of training to use them and of course, the ammunition to shoot them.


      The US Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment lay out very clearly that it is the Right of the People to own firearms. Indiana's Constitution and State Bill of Rights lays it out even clearer - Section 32. The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State. 

       But like every right, there comes responsibility. Owning a firearm without knowing how to properly use it can be just as much of a risk to you and your loved ones as not owning a firearm in the first place.

       Like every industry, you have budget items, that while they may work at the occasional range trip, but will it work when you absolutely must depend on it to save your life or a loved ones life? High End items are just that, high end, high performance that work every time. It is with that statement that I have found, along with countless Industry Downrange End Users have found that a limited number of weapons can be trusted. 

       We recommend Bravo Company Mfg (BCM), Daniel Defense and Colt for the AR platform along Smith & Wesson and Glock for handguns. These manufacturers are trusted by more end users putting foot to ass for their country and communities than any other brands.

JF Arms Company

Welcome to JF Arms Company's home page. Web store is live. Due to high volume of turn around on items, everything ships 7-10 days after payment processing unless otherwise stated.